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Patient Portal FAQ

What are the benefits of the Patient Portal?

You can schedule and manage office appointments, access your child’s medical records – including immunizations, lab results, referrals, visit summaries, and prescription refills – and even pay your bill. 

How do I sign up for the Patient Portal?

You’ll receive an email from our practice with a username and password to access the Portal with any web browser or smartphone app (If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.) 

You can customize your password after your initial login. 

How do I access my Patient Portal?

  1. Check your inbox for your confirmation email. (If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.)
  2. In your confirmation email, click on "Set up Portal Account" and follow the steps.

Where can I find my Practice Code?

Your practice code is included in the Welcome E-mail for your Family Account. You’ll find it at the bottom of the e-mail.  

  • Texas: DBFADA 

Is my online access secure?

Yes! All your information is encrypted and secure. You’re protected by a username and password / PIN number of your choice, and also through industry-standard SSL encryption. 

I forgot my username and/or password. How can I log in?

Click on the “Trouble logging in?” link and follow the prompts. 

I can't see all patients under my new Family Account. How can I access them?

If you’re unable to access any information from your account, please reach out to:   

Do I have to pay for the Patient Portal or the healow smartphone app?

No. Both the portal and the healow app are free, so you can always have easy access to your health records, stay informed, and make good health care decisions.   

How do I schedule an appointment?

In the “Appointments” section, click “New Appointment.” Then select visit reason and preferred location. You’ll see a list of clinicians working in your selected location, as well as the next available appointment. Select the date and time you prefer and add your appointment details. A 4-digit verification code will be sent to the phone number listed on your account. Enter the code, then click “Verify and Book.” You’ll see your appointment details in the “Dashboard” section of the Portal.  

How do I find lab results?

In the ‘’Medical Records” section, click ‘’Lab Diagnostic Report.’’ 

How do I find vaccine records?

In the Portal web browser, click on the section named ‘’Medical Records,’’ and select “Immunization History.” You will have an option to print your medical records in this section.  

How can I request a prescription refill?

In the Messages section, click “Refill Requests.” You will see a list of current medications. Select the medication you need and click “Refill Request.” If no refills are available, we recommend you schedule an appointment in the “Appointments” section.  

I forgot my login password. How can I reset or obtain new credentials?

You can reset your username and/or password at any time. Select “trouble logging in,” and choose “forgot username” or “forgot password.” You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.  

What if I need technical assistance?

User support is built into both the desktop portal and the mobile app. You can also send an e-mail for additional help. 



*Available in English and Spanish

If you have any questions or trouble signing up, please email with your Full Name and DOB.

Si usted tiene dudas o problemas al momento de registrarse, favor de enviar un correo a con su nombre completo y fecha de nacimiento.