Requesting Medical Records

MD Medical Group parents and requesters can use the Vital Chart Online Request Portal to submit a request for medical records for all Texas practices. Vital Chart provides bilingual customer service for patients and requesters seeking information on instructions using the request portal, record release status, and more. Patients are still able to request their medical records in office by filling out the Medical Records Release Form.

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Vital Chart FAQ

Can I still access/ request my medical records through the Patient Portal?

Yes, patients are still able to log in to their patient portal and request complete or partial medical records through the platform. If a patient needs their medical records for a more serious instance such as police reports, CPS, change of Primary Care Provider, etc. Vital Chart must be used to request medical records. 

How can I reach Vital Chart customer support?

You can contact the Vital Chart Customer Service Number by dialing 800-359-8520 Opt. 1​ or you can email at: