About Us

Commitment to the highest level of care is MD Medical Group’s driving force. We are dedicated to improving our patient’s health through compassion and empathy. What began in 2007 has since grown into a prominent group of family medicine and pediatric practices that operates under three names: Clinicas Mi Doctor, MD Kids Pediatrics and MD Family Clinic. Family Medicine clinics and pediatric practices are located throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Beaumont, Texas.

MD Medical Group continues to improve as we grow, allowing us to enhance our patient experience through high standard health services with a multitude of Medical Providers at dozens of practices and extended hours of services. In addition, families can access their medical records at any of our locations, view current medications and ask questions through our patient portal. All of this defines our Mission and Vision:


To provide easy access to health services


To create a better everyday life for the communities we serve

As a group we are devoted to our core values and we demonstrate those values on a day-to-day basis with every patient we care for. Our company’s philosophy is clear:

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Our Values

About Us

Patient First

Act with compassion and empathy.
About Us


Respect for your team members, together we accomplish more.
About Us


Pursue growth to achieve collective success.
About Us


Commit to the highest level of care.
About Us


Promote teamwork, lead by example, to enhance patient experience.
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